“When you die what do you want your eulogy to say?”

This question caught Megan Rockey off guard. This was supposed to be a business coaching session. It seemed a little personal. While she had been thinking lately about how to build a powerful brand, she had not seen herself and her journey as a core component in that plan.  

Even though the question was new to her, the answer came easily. “I want it to be just like my grandmother’s,” Megan replied. Her grandmother – the one she had been so close to and who had passed just recently.

Later that night, rocking her infant daughter to bed, Megan reflected on that conversation. Even though she had been searching for her purpose for some time, the ideas so easily now fell into place. She could merge her creative interests with something that mattered, something that could honor her grandmother, Virginia Cole Galvin Crouse. It was here in the quiet of the darkness that the Cole Collection was first born.

Building on an annual shopping event in her hometown of Lima, Ohio, Megan developed the premise for the Cole Collection: a celebration featuring a curated collection of unique products from Ohio vendors that would benefit the local community. All vendors would agree to donate a percentage of their profits to the designated cause giving customers an opportunity to shop for good.

Megan selected Allen County Children Services as the beneficiary of the event. The proceeds would be used to purchase Christmas presents for foster children that otherwise might not receive any. With ten months for planning, Megan estimated that she would be able to provide about half of these kids with holiday gifts.

Gathering a planning committee of ten, Megan utilized her event planning, design and marketing background to solicit vendors and corporate sponsorships. On November 5, 2014 the City Club bustled with one hundred shoppers making the Cole Collection a sold out event. At the end of the night, the team had raised over $14,000, double their original goal. This allowed them to provide Children Services with gifts to not just half but all 217 kids in foster care in Allen County!

In her own words, “Over the past year there were several moments when things fell into place and the journey just felt right. People would step up and volunteer to be on the committee, businesses would commit to a sponsorship and even a $5,000 donation made on the event night. All of the amazing moments that transpired over the last year were not about us but about the community collectively coming together to help others. I had many times prior to the Cole Collection when I felt like I was swimming upstream but something kept us moving along with this project and determined to make it happen. And it did.”



Making a child’s holiday a little brighter, 
one gift at a time

​The Cole Collection event is a curated collection of unique products from Ohio vendors as well as the community collectively coming together to give back to others.  The purpose of the Cole Collection event is to impact the children in the foster care system by making their Christmas a little brighter this year.  The proceeds from the event will allow us to purchase Christmas gifts for children in foster and relative care in Allen County.  Our goal is to purchase gifts for all 160 children this year.  This will be a great time to start your holiday shopping.  There will be 15 vendors selling a variety of products such as jewelry, clothing and other holiday gifts.  Unique auction items will also be available at this year's event.  We were overwhelmed with the wonderful response from the community in the past and look forward to another successful event this year.